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Welcome to the future of problem solving

Join Living Space and take part in facilitated workshops with collaborators from diverse industries. Bring a colleague and a problem. Connect and build lasting relationships. Co-create solutions you could never find alone. Take ownership and implement transformative change.

Principles of Living Space

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We take ownership of what we bring to the space and are open to change. Showing up authentically and giving our all ensures the best solutions can be created. 



Inviting a range of people with diverse backgrounds to help us see problems from all angles. An inclusive process and space where all ideas can be shared.

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Being in a flow state, accessing our imaginations and allowing solutions to emerge. Removing barriers such as job title, status, corporate norms, enabling you to create bold change in the absence of structure.

Why take part? 

Because it´s fun and it works. 

Need convincing?

Here is an example of what we don´t do:

An external consultant is hired to solve a problem. For example, this could be: an issue with workplace culture; regional integration; marketing and positioning; gaps in efficiency and communication; or growth and strategy problem. The consultant creates a solution and it is well implemented. But, after 6 months you notice the same issues begin to surface again.  The change did not stick and things are back where they started.

It is extremely difficult for an external consulting model to replicate the same ownership and transformational, long-term change that can be driven by leaders when they show up and commit to bringing employees on the journey.

That´s why we do it differently.

How we work

We empower you to make change so that it sticks. Connect with new people and learn from their experience, while developing your facilitation, leadership and communication skills. 

Living Space Sequence
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  • Two diverse representatives from four organisations in any industry are invited to collaborate for 10 weeks.

  • A one-on-one problem definition workshop with each participating organisation ensures a practical and clear solution can be found in the collaboration phase.

  • All participants attend all Co-created Solutions Workshops, giving you a platform to share your experience with others and grow your co-creation practice.

  • Finishing with a one hour reflection gives the opportunity to provide feedback and talk through next steps with your facilitator. 


Excited to hear from you!
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