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My Work

Everything I do is in service to the ecosystems my work is embedded in. This means designing projects to be place-based while evolving the systems they are nested in. It is making space to allow the unique essence of a place, organisation or community to regenerate itself and express its´ own uniqueness.

Maybe changing the world is a matter of asking the right questions. It is my job to empower people to find answers that create a resilient and uplifting space in which their organisation, community or system can adapt and grow through the challenges of our time. 


The three core areas of my work are: regeneration and sustainability; storytelling; and wellbeing.  


Holding space in organisations and communities to facilitate transformative culture change and allow them to regenerate their life/work spaces and ecosystems they are interconnected with. 

Facilitating organisational development and change. Sustainability consulting for small to medium size organisations. Regenerative practitioner. 




Uncovering and telling the stories of places, organisations and communities.

Knowing that story is ever evolving, imbued with the essence of each person who tells it. Story is one of the most powerful medicines and weavers of change through time.

Increasing internal storytelling capacity and creating inspiring and uplifting content.



Making space for wellbeing to thrive in organisations, systems and communities.

Empowering people to realise their healing potential through movement, ritual, ceremony, cyclical living, nature-based spirituality, mindfulness, and energy work.

Designing wellbeing strategies, facilitating wellbeing workshops and activities. 

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