Being in service 

At CM Space, we see everything we do as being in service to the ecosystems that we are embedded in. This means designing our projects and outcomes with both a local and global perspective, aiming to contribute to a regenerative future. In practice we find that changing the world is a matter of asking the right questions, and it is our job to empower people to find the answers that align with their organisation or community to create a resilient and uplifting space which can withstand the challenges of our time. 


Our experience spans the following range of services: transforming organisations; authentic storytelling; building organisational or community culture; improving social and cultural wellbeing; sustainability strategies; community vision and capacity building; stakeholder engagement; and supporting regenerative infrastructure projects. 


Using culture change and regenerative practice with groups, businesses, and communities to regenerate life/work spaces and ecosystems. 




Creating authentic marketing tools and strategies, while increasing internal storytelling capacity.



Designing wellbeing strategies with measured results. Facilitating wellbeing workshops and activities. Improving the health of organisations.