Creating authentic marketing tools and strategies, while increasing internal storytelling capacity.

We are hard-wired to remember stories. Telling stories is how we relay important information to each other. They form the basis of our relationships, allowing us to build community and find belonging. For a story to be powerful, to make change possible, to be remembered always: it must be authentic.


It is essential to know what story your organisation is telling, both internally and externally. Your story determines the people you attract to work for you, the clients and collaborators who work with you, and whether you are supported by the public or not.


We find stories that emerge from within an organisation, that are aligned with your vision and purpose, to help design your marketing strategy and generate authentic content. When employees feel they can connect authentically with an organisation´s story this empowers them to build meaningful relationships with external stakeholders. CM Space can also facilitate storytelling workshops to grow your team´s confidence in sharing your story with the world.


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