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Regenerative Development

Regenerative development asks us to look beyond preserving the current state of the environment for future generations, and calls us to design our lives, businesses, communities, institutions etc. in ways that allow life to create more life.

CM Space listens to the land and its´people to sense what a place, project, organisation or community is called to become. We help businesses and communities to unlock their regenerative potential in dialogue and dynamic relationship with living systems. 

Taking a regenerative approach to projects means using systems thinking and design to understand the projects place in both it´s local ecosystem, as well as the earth. I help project teams to navigate complexity, taking a creative, playful and positive approach to uncover innovative pathways towards regenerative outcomes.  


Regenerative development projects are often multi-disciplinary and highly collaborative. We welcome collaborations with architects, engineers, urban planners, landscape architects, ecologists, artists, academics, and any other regenerators out there!

We offer: 

  • Community engagement 

  • Stakeholder management

  • Workshop facilitation

  • Educational programme on Moving to Regenerative Cultures

  • Systems thinking and design

  • Work with regenerative development frameworks

  • Creating a story of place

  • Project management

  • Project impact assessment or evaluation - quadruple bottom line (environmental, social, cultural, economic)

Co. Clare, Éire / Ireland

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