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The health of our organisations and communities rests on individual´s wellbeing which is interconnected to environmental wellbeing. 

We understand that wellbeing looks and feels different for everyone. We also believe in the bodies ability to heal itself and know what we need. Our approach puts the client or group in the driver´s seat, empowering you to intuitively clear mental, emotional, and spiritual blockages or misalignments which may be contributing to negative wellbeing. 

It is by tending to our own inner fire that we are able to share some of our embers with our family, business, or community fire. We would love to support you in doing this, whether it be through workplace wellbeing strategies and activities, community wellbeing workshops, or one on one coaching. 

Our offerings include designing organisational wellbeing strategies, meditation, mindfulness, movement and embodiment, energy healing, wellbeing workshops including facilitating restorative circles, as well as play and creativity.


Get in touch and let us support you on your wellbeing journey.

Osnabrück, Germany

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