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Unlocking the regenerative potential of organisations in partnership with living systems

We help organisations evolve to serve the future needs of places and people
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CM Space

CM Space facilitates creative, inclusive and sustainable change in businesses and communities. We help you to grow your business or communities´ capacity to serve future needs through partnering with living systems. 

CM Space is committed to taking the transformative actions that are needed to regenerate ecosystems, socio-economic systems, institutions and organisational structures. We believe that everyone has a part to play in co-creating a world that is worthy of our children. 

We invite you to unlock your regenerative potential today with CM Space. 



¨Working with Ciara has helped us create new energy and direction in our work, finding effective ways to tell Morphum´s story, and renew our vision, values and brand¨

Dean Watts, Director, Morphum Environmental Ltd., 2022


A little note to say how much your “Workings” document has grown in value since our consultation. It was a crystallisation of all the drive and passion of my business that you evoked and put words to in our mentoring session. I return to it during any of my training, mentoring or planning sessions to remind myself of my direction, and the conviction that I have in my work.
Go raibh míle maith agat!¨

Kate Maher, Dúlra Cill Dara, 2024

¨18 months since the last leadership get together where we started the strands you helped us to build. We have progressed beyond all expectations, and everyone is onboard for the next stage of our journey. Your influence will never be forgotten Ciara, thank you¨

Dean Watts, Director, Morphum Environmental Ltd., 2024

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