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Today each one of us is being asked to take on our responsibility as creative, interconnected beings and stewards of the earth. Change is happening in volatile ways at an unprecedented pace. Our world is in the midst of multiple mass extinctions, to which we are all complicit.

A new world is emerging, at first in outlandish, visionary islands, but it´s visibility and tangibility is increasing everyday. Ciara attempts to create bridges between these inspiring islands and where we are right now, helping to anchor them in our current reality.

Her work is to stay connected to both worlds simultaneously, to live with a ´both, and´ perspective. We do not want to live in isolated islands waiting for doomsday, nor will we conform to fit the mould that has almost choked the livability out of our earthly home. 


Ciara hopes to act as a holder of knowledge, embodied wisdom, healing, inspiration, innovation, and creativity in service to earth´s ecosystems. It is in knowing how to die well, that we can birth a world that is worthy of our children. 


Ciara invites organisations, communities and fellow co-creators to join the weaving of community and place together to regenerate Life.

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Our Values



Committed to ethical decision making. Relating to people authentically by working in a grounded manner, with honesty and transparency. 



Listening deeply. Seeing and valuing the whole. The basis for inclusion, openness to diverse perspectives, bridge building and conflict resolution.



Promise to be good ancestors by protecting the environment and regenerating our social systems to create a world worthy of our children. 

Ciara Moynihan


Ciara founded CM Space to give herself and others room to unleash their co-creative potential, experiment with new ways of doing business, and support transformative change that is happening in organisations and communities the world over.  


With one foot planted firmly in Aotearoa (New Zealand) and the other in Éire (Ireland), Ciara has developed an intuitive ability to ´see´ the inner workings of culture, as well as the emotional intelligence to understand people and how change impacts them. Ciara is an intuitive energy worker and healer, allowing her to sense deeply the wellbeing of a person, organisation, community or environment. 


Both Aotearoa and Éire are lands with strong environmental ethics and mythological and ritualistic beginnings, where the art of storytelling is naturally passed down through generations. Ciara saw the drastic need for new narratives to guide us towards healthier, connected and positive ways of sharing one planet as a huge motivator when starting CM Space.


Her love of language meant she completed a Diploma in Languages (German) alongside her Bachelor of Commerce (Management and Innovation & Entrepreneurship) at the University of Auckland before moving to live in Germany. 

2023 saw Ciara return to Éire to deepen her own ancestral connection, recover celtic ways of knowing, being and doing, and be part of regenerating land and our relationship to it in Éirinn. 



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Our People

Co. Clare, Éire / Ireland

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