Our Story

CM Space grows organisations that empower people and create change.


We believe that transforming organisations is essential to creating a sustainable, equitable and positive future for all. 


Imagine each workplace as a space that people feel valued and whole in. A space where we can be honest and trust our creativity while we innovate and learn. A space where we care for the environment and support each other to reach our full potential. The world would transform!


When organisations are filled with people who believe passionately in what they do, feel supported to work at their best, and understand their impact on the future of our ecosystem: They naturally make ethical decisions, choosing the best course of action for people and planet. 


The challenges experienced by organisations and communities today require holistic, systems thinking approaches that account for the long-term. For a solution or change to stick it must be owned by everyone impacted. We find the best solutions are implemented by enabling diversity and facilitating inclusive co-creation. For this purpose, Living Space, was designed to gain effective results from collaborative problem solving.


CM Space works in the realms of organisational culture, growth and change, along with providing services in storytelling, workplace wellbeing, and sustainability.


Are you ready to realise your organisations potential to change the world?

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Our Values



We are genuinely committed to ethical decision making. Relating to people authentically by working with honesty and transparency. 



We listen deeply. Seeing and valuing the whole. The basis for inclusion, openness to diverse perspectives and conflict resolution.



We promise to be good ancestors by protecting the environment and regenerating our social systems to create a world worthy of our children. 

Ciara Moynihan

Creator / Navigator

Ciara founded CM Space to serve the world with her passion for organisational culture and change. 


With one foot planted firmly in Aotearoa (New Zealand) and the other in Éire (Ireland), Ciara has developed an intuitive ability to ´see´ the inner workings of culture, as well as the emotional intelligence to understand people and how change impacts them.


Both Aotearoa and Éire are lands with strong environmental ethics and mythological and ritualistic beginnings, where the art of storytelling is naturally passed down through generations. Ciara uses storytelling in her work to encourage behaviour and culture change.


Her love of language meant she completed a Diploma in Languages (German) alongside her Bachelor of Commerce (Management and Innovation & Entrepreneurship) at the University of Auckland before moving to live in Germany.



Our People


Osnabrück, Germany

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