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Organisational Development & Change 

Evolving business and community to meet future needs means working on organisational culture, strategy, leadership development, storytelling, and wellbeing. These are the most effective aspects of an organisation that we focus on to create sustainable change in partnership with living systems.

The internal work on organisational development must simultaneously be expressed authentically to your customer or market. This valuable investment in the inner-work of your business can provide return on investment through increased commitment and productivity of employees, lower employee turnover, as well as positive customer relationships, and stronger partnerships with collaborators. Any changes made are in service to the vitality and viability of your business - increased revenue and improved cashflow. 


The vitality of every business depends on the health  of its´ people and environment. With an ethos of working for the wellbeing of people and living systems, we help your business transform to have an ongoing positive impact and relationship with your community and place.

Organisational Development & Change: 

  • Business Development and Strategy

  • Guidance and support on self-organisation, becoming a Teal organisation and/or regenerative business

  • Help you define or redefine organisational vision, mission, values

  • Restorative practice for changing workplace culture - restorative circles

  • Educational programme on Moving to Regenerative Cultures

  • Leadership Development - One on one resourcing or team sessions on organisation specific issue or question

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion policy, strategy and implementation



  • Design and deliver marketing strategy

  • Write articles, blogs, social media content for your organisation 

  • Storytelling workshops to improve internal storytelling capacity

  • Creative practice workshops to enhance organisational innovation


  • Workplace wellbeing strategy development and design 

  • Facilitate workplace wellbeing programme activities

  • Nature connection workshops

  • Facilitate mindfulness and meditation sessions

  • Facilitate embodiment and movement sessions

If you would like to maximise your impact, grow your business and contribute to sustainable change, get in touch with us!

Co. Clare, Éire / Ireland

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