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Regeneration and Sustainability

Holding space in organisations and communities to facilitate transformative culture change and allow them to regenerate their life/work spaces and ecosystems they are interconnected with. 

Culture Change


Culture is a huge catalyst for change. It connects people to each other and the space where they co-exist. It is largely intangible, constantly evolving, shaped by nature and landscape, and influenced by everyone associated with an organisation or community both past and present. Therefore, each organisation, group or team has its own inherent culture. 

Like a garden, culture goes through seasons and needs to be designed and nurtured to support it´s people´s wellbeing, achieve desired outcomes, and have a healthy impact on the environment. It is my understanding that culture can not be copy and pasted from place to place. This is why it is fundamental to empower communities and regions to self-determine the pathways forward to realising their vision for the generations that follow. ​


I´d like to offer you the expertise, tools, and frameworks to create a culture which is resilient to external impacts and can support transformative change. I work closely with leaders, employees and community members using practices such as restorative circles to understand where the current culture is degenerative and needs to shift. 


My experience in workshop facilitation, relationship building, group navigation, and energy systems ensures people are provided with an empowering environment, making it easier to solve conflicts, be transparent and vulnerable, and tune into our inherent belonging in the living world. 


Regenerative Practice


Regenerative practice asks us to look beyond preserving the current state of the environment for future generations, and calls us to design our lives, businesses, communities, institutions etc. in ways that are life-giving i.e. creating conditions conducive to life. 

My work is guided by listening to the natural world, people´s stories, ancestral connections, and the spiritual essence of land, creating space for the creative potential of organisations, systems and communities to be realised in dialogue and dynamic relationship with living systems.

No matter what industry background or role title we like to hide behind, regenerative practice asks us to operate from a space of expansion, interconnection, and with as much understanding as possible for the impact we have in the web of life.


One role of a regenerative practitioner, as I understand it, is to be a mirror, reflecting back to the project team what they are perceiving, seeing, hearing and feeling, so they can then co-sense what is needed in their place, organisation or community, as these are all understood as living beings too. 

Taking a regenerative approach to projects means using systems thinking and design to understand the projects place in both it´s local ecosystem, as well as the earth. I help project teams to navigate complexity, answering questions such as ¨How can we image this project and all the wholes it is nested within and their interdependencies on one another?¨. I take a curious and playful approach, and listen deeply to the story told by the land and it´s people. 

If you are working in a project which could benefit from a restorative or regenerative approach, I would love to hear from you.

Co. Clare, Éire / Ireland

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