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Treetop Energies - A day dedicated to wellbeing

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Hosted at the amazing Treehouse Tribe co-working space in Amsterdam Noord, Treetop Energies offered a holistic day of wellbeing practices aimed at strengthening community wellbeing.

Myrddin, Yota, Bruna and I organised a variety of workshops including: visualisation and free writing; dream analysis; art; systemic constellations; rhythm and singing; and finished with a restorative circle. It was an intimate gathering which enabled greater depth in connection and exchange.

We designed the day to include all aspects of wellbeing: body, mind, soul, creativity, and energy. The idea came from a soul-nourishing lunchtime conversation, where we reflected on how beneficial it has been for all of us to experience a variety of healing practices, and we wanted to offer other people the same opportunity.

Healing and resilience are often found more easily through community, and so there was vulnerable sharing, tears and a lot of laughter. It was important to balance the energies of the day and as time-keeper I kept the balance between individual / internal focused time and more extroverted activities.

To end the day I facilitated a restorative circle (pictured above), inviting reflections from each person through words, gestures, or movement. There was gratitude for the gifts we shared together, the courage it took to share them, and new friendships and connections.

We learned how essential it is to look out for one another as a community in order to be well individually. And that if we don´t tend to our inner fire, we can´t be keepers of the community fire.

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